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☾ * the recipe for a toe-tingling bubblebath 。・゜☆

as a lot of people know, one of my favourite things to do is to take a nice, long bath ~ it soothes the mind, body, and spirit, and leaves you smelling and feeling lovely from the outside-in. i like to call myself a water-breathing bubblebath enthusiast, i take them multiple times a week for ultimate comfort. and i thought, hey, i think i should share my recipe for the perfect bubblebath! and here we are ~ please enjoy ~


1. Before getting the bath started, make sure that your bathroom is sufficiently comfy and clean. You want a room with great feng shui and won’t leave you with yucky feelings of clutter or anxiety. This means putting extra bottles or containers into a drawer where you cannot see them, washing mirrors, scrubbing the tub, or removing any laundry you have strewn across the floor.

2. Prepare a robe and/or a few towels for when you leave your watery hidey-hole. I like to throw them into the dryer for a few minutes before I go into my bath, so that they feel all fluffy and cuddly for some post-relaxation comfort.

3. Be a bubblebath chemist! Sure, you can go out and buy a big tub of plum bubblebath, put a hefty amount into running water and be done with it. But, the best and most fun thing about taking bubblebaths is getting creative! Take some extra bubbly cotton candy soap, a handful of your best smelling shampoo (mine is coconut!), and a boatload of sparkly bath bombs to really spice it up and make your toes tingle with yummy scents. Dip in tons of yummy tea bags to make yourself smell like a big fruity forest sundae. If your body is sore or your mental state is feeling particularly yucky, you might wanna mix up a detox bath. I love adding oils and anything silky smooth so that my skin feels all slippery like a fish. Warning: Bubblebath-specific soap will provide more bubbles than shampoo/body wash! A good place to get some magical bathing goodies is Lush - they’re a bit pricey but 110% worth it if you wanna splurge on a lovely bathing experience.

4. Candles and incense are a must! They really bring together the whole comfy experience. Wildberry has an incredible collection of incense sticks, oils, cones, etc. that I highly suggest. My favourite scents are vanilla and lavender :) As for candles, I usually have about 10 - 15 large candles and/or tealights strewn around the room or on the lip of my bathtub and I turn out the lights. It creates a really mellow glow and I feel like a little underwater princess. Make sure you don’t create any sort of fire hazard though! (Since they already sort of are one, hehe.) If lit candles make you nervous, you can always buy electric candles and tealights for a safer bathing lifestyle.

5. Good, soothing music always makes for an enchanting bath. Try not to bring in a laptop for your musical pleasures, but if you have to, try to face the screen away from you/place the laptop far enough away where you cannot reach it. I know I can get pretty engulfed into silly technology if I put my musical device close to me (which is, in my case, my beloved Kindle Fire). I suggest looking up bath-related mixes on either 8tracks or Spotify. Some great bands for magical baths are Explosions in the Sky, Cocorosie, Lullatone, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Kings of Convenience, and Animal Collective. Tip: if the speakers of your phone/tablet/music-playing device are a bit lower than desired, grab a large bowl and place it inside; it’ll make your volume a bit louder and help carry it closer to your lovely self.

6. No clocks! No rushing! No technology! Just relax. Baths are supposed to be for sinking into your own little world and away from outside contact. Try to plan your baths around your activities. Don’t try to squeeze in a bath inbetween your busy schedule, unless you are quite certain that you really want to interrupt such a quiet environment. Once you enter your bath, you should be away from everyone for a while. Maybe for a few minutes, or perhaps a couple of hours. That’s up to you. Don’t feel like you have to hop in and out of a bath. They are made to soothe and to unwind.

7. If you start to feel yourself getting restless, play with the bubbles. That’s why they’re there. Make a beard. Grab a handful and try to blow them onto the ceiling. Eat them (disclaimer: they are not as yummy as they look). Create bubble sculptures of ugly sea creatures and unicorns. You can also bring in some bath toys to feed the kid in everyone. Little figurines and some DIY bath paint always makes for some fun creative company.

8. If you wish, bring a book or a notebook. I always read best in a bath. Most of my books are crinkly because of all of the water I splash on them! Don’t be upset if you get your book wet, that means that it’s loved enough to be brought into your sacred bathtime. I should also add that this recipe is currently being written in a very bubbly bath!

9. When you feel yourself melt into your bathtub and become a little water faerie, you’re doing it right :) Feel every splash and every tap of the water. Put your entire body under the water and slosh your head around from side to side. Pretend you have long mermaid hair and comb it under the water. Listen to the vibrations in the water and pretend that they’re a lot of baby whales trying to communicate with you.

10. I almost forgot! Be sure to bring water or a super-hydrating drink with you. If you like your baths extra hot like I do, then you should really keep this in mind. This is especially relevant if you decided on a detox bath! Since a large percent of our bodies are made out of water, we could actually start evaporating with the hot water! It sounds pretty neat, but it just leaves you with a hangover-esque headache, and no one wants that. If you feel yourself getting overheated or uncomfortable, take a big gulp of water or, my personal favourite, mango-flavoured coconut water.

11. So, the bath begins to feel colder rather than scolding, and your feet are getting way too wrinkly. Time to jump out! Drain the water from the bath. I like to lay underwater and feel my body getting heavier as the water drains around me. If you have any suds on you, wash them off with a shower head. Pop out of the shower and grab your robe and/or towels. Make sure to lotion up! No one likes rough skin. Don’t get changed right away. Lounge around the house in your new skin, and let the air kiss your body. Even though your bath is over, your relaxed mood does not have to end! Brew a cup of your favourite tea, put on a feel-good movie, curl up with your love/pet/stuffed animals and breathe in the moment. Life is good.

12. Go to your calendar and plan your next bath :) Hopefully you had a successful bathing experience~

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