♡ my name is meghan and i get dizzy if i think too much ♡ ゚・*:.。. ✧ ☾ ☽ ✧.。.:*・゜


giant mermaid

also i have pneumonia and i am just curled up on my couch watching super smash bros 4 streams and eating hundreds of blueberries and waiting for my kettle to whistle so i can have masala chai forever… and tomorrow i have a japanese test and i need to read a bunch of linguistics things and make up an arabic quiz??? being a responsible adult while feeling like a sleepy ghost with no body and a runny nose is very difficult


Marjorie Torrey
匿名: boyfriend? are you back with karim?

yes i am! it was… not an easy decision to say the least hehe. he basically broke up with me in the first place because i wouldn’t let go of the fact that he cheated on me over a year prior, which i feel makes sense but also is deserving? i dunno. i became kind of bitter towards him and the situation and he couldn’t take it. he left me and started fucking some other girl like a day after, idfk. this all sounds so middle school but i felt so low when i found that out.

he called me like three weeks after we had broken up and he was like “i miss you blah blah blah” (it was more heartfelt hehe) and honestly everything felt SUPER back to normal. like, we were chatting like best friends, how we used to. it was really good! the next day, we talked again and he drunkenly told me how he fucked up pretty severely and he begged to start over. i didn’t know what to do, so i was just kind of like, “… okay.” we vowed to never talk about that stuff until we were both emotionally ready, and our relationship has been healthy since.

a lot of people are mad at him and a lot of people think i’m silly, but as for right now, things are okay! i know you didn’t ask anything else but i almost never get to talk about this with people due to shame and due to dislike towards karim. i dunno. i’m happy, and he’s happy, and that’s all that matters, i think!

look at this picture of my boyf’s dog omg. an actual noot noot

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